To Enhance Palm Oil Productivity: Innovation in Pollinating Insects by the Ministry of Agriculture and BRIN

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Doc. Sawit Fest 2021 / Andi Syawal

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Andi Nur Alamsyah, the General Director of Plantations at the Ministry of Agriculture, has underscored the imperative for Indonesia to safeguard its status as the world’s leading palm oil producer. To achieve this goal, various stakeholders are actively exploring innovative approaches to reintroduce pollinating insects into palm oil plantations, with a particular focus on the E. kamerunicus species. This species exhibits distinctive morphological characteristics and different molecules in the Indonesian context.

The primary objective of these efforts is to identify and establish one to two insect species capable of serving as effective pollinators in palm oil plantations, akin to their role in African regions. It’s crucial that these species do not become pests or vectors for diseases. This initiative also aligns with the objective of bolstering E. kamerunicus populations in Indonesia.

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Furthermore, these endeavors aim to address the issue of low fresh fruit bunch set, which has a direct impact on productivity and yields in Indonesia. This is especially significant because palm oil production is intricately linked to successful pollination processes.

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For information, General Directorate of Plantation fully supports the proposal research about Plant Material Development Research by Research and Development of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (R&D IPOA) with fund supports from Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency. This is the real thing to get plantation sectors in Indonesia go forward. (T2)

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