Innovative Palm Oil Workshop: Crafting Botanical Insecticides for Caterpillar Prevention

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Doc. Special / Workshop Anak Sawit Berinovasi in Pendopo Institut Teknologi Sawit Indonesia (ITSI), Medan, Saturday, 11 November 2023.

PALMOILMAGAZINE, MEDAN – A pioneering initiative emerged from students studying in palm oil plantations, culminating in the “Anak Sawit Berinovasi” workshop held at Pendopo (Institut Teknologi Sawit Indonesia) ITSI in Medan on Saturday, November 11, 2023.

The workshop centered around the theme “Pembuatan Insektisida Nabati dari Daun Paku Resam untuk Menanggulangi Ulat Pemakan Daun Kelapa Sawit (UPDKS),” translating to “Making Botanical Insecticide from Resam Fern Leaves to Prevent Caterpillars that eat palm oil leaves.”

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Reh Desiva Christima Br. Ginting, the 2022 AHM BEST Student winner, served as the main speaker and enthusiastically presented the materials. The event was a collaborative effort involving Milenial Sawit Indonesia, Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam (HMI) Komisariat Persiapan Institut Teknologi Sawit Indonesia, with full support from Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Agribisnis ITSI, HMJ Teknik Kimia, HMJ Proteksi Tanaman, UKM Mendel Nursery, UKM Gerakan Ekspresi Mahasiswa Seni, Archery ITSI, and Asrama Nusantara.

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In his speech, Founder Milenial Sawit, Asmaul Habib Hasibuan told that palm oil industries face many massive challenges that would be mandated to millennial particularly those who are studying in palm oil plantation.

“Our care about palm oil industries is one action that Milenal Sawit Indonesia should have to keep the industries running well. By having creativity and innovation in palm oil sectors, I believe, palm oil industries would keep operating and get the future glory,” he said, as in the official statement to, Sunday (12/11/2023).

Meanwhile, Chairman of HMI Komisariat Persiapan ITSI that was represented by Munas Siregar emphasized that as a student in palm oil plantation sector, the student should be aware, care, and contribute to these industries. “Whatever your contribution is, it would deliver impact to the sustainability of these industries,” Siregar told.

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Reh Desiva tried to deliver understanding to about 50 students that joined the workshop about the emergency of using chemical materials to prevent pests and other diseases in palm oil plantations.

“We have to get many other alternatives in environmental and efficient materials to be applied in palm oil plantations. My friends here, I believe that there would be creative ideas to be applied in these industries. I stand before you today, hope that it would not be making botanical insecticides only but trigger other ideas from you al to innovate in palm oil industries,” he said. (T2)

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