Palm Oil Advocacy Efforts by Workers and Stakeholders in the European Union

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Palm Oil Advocacy Efforts by Workers and Stakeholders in the European Union. Photo : Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – The palm oil campaign has evolved significantly with consistent breakthroughs, expanding its reach to an international scale. Workers and stakeholders from Indonesia have actively engaged in direct campaigning within the European Union (EU) regions.

With a workforce numbering up to 16 million men, laborers play a crucial role in the palm oil industry in Indonesia. They are not just partners but also a group directly impacted by the dynamic nature of the industry. Their involvement in the palm oil campaign is highly relevant.

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JAGA SAWITAN, a bipartite organization comprising the labor organization JAPBUSI and the stakeholders’ organization, the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), has undertaken this joint initiative to uphold sustainability and fairness in the palm oil sector.

Sumarjono Saragih, Chairman of Human Resource Development at IPOA, emphasized the significance of JAGA SAWITAN’s journey to the EU in December 2023. Their presence in Turin, Italy, will coincide with the Rural Development Academy (RDA) 2023, organized by the International Labor Organization (ILO). This event provides a crucial opportunity to share experiences and initiatives aimed at fostering rural development worldwide.

Saragih who is also the Chairman Founder WISPO (Worker Initiatives for Sustainable Palm Oil), palm oil industries in Indonesia, through IPOA and JAPBUSI, would deliver inspiration and achievement in rural, child labor, gender equity, social dialogue, and work health. Palm oil campaign would become more relevant and have competitiveness by involving labors and stakeholders.

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“For Indonesia’s palm oil plantations in the rural were discussed, this showed that palm oil positively contributes to the economy and men’s lives. The collaboration between stakeholders and labors made palm oil in Indonesia as the pioneer to escalate the quality of decent work which is the same with the standards in international scale,” Saragih said, as in the official statement to, Friday (8/12/2023).

The successful story of open and sustainable dialogue between IPOA and labors’ organization created the strong cooperation foundation. JAGA SAWITAN becomes the real evidence that Indonesia’s palm oil would sustainably develop through decent work.

The initiative is acknowledged not only locally but gets appreciation from international level. Michico Miyamoto, Director ILO Indonesia Timor Leste, appreciated JAGA SAWITAN as the unique, historic, and the biggest achievement in the world. This also becomes the challenge and encouragement to maintain the same welfare between stakeholders and labors in Indonesia’s palm oil industries. (T2)

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