BPKP West Papua Holds Focus Group Discussion on Specific Audit Findings Regarding Palm Oil Governance

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The representatives of Badan Pengawasan Keuangan dan Pembangunan (BPKP) West Papua Province did focus group discussion about Specific Goal of Audit result or hasil Audit Tujuan Tertentu (ATT) about palm oil industrial governance and revenue optimization in 2023. Photo : Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, PAPUA – The representatives from the Badan Pengawasan Keuangan dan Pembangunan (BPKP) of West Papua Province conducted a focus group discussion on the Specific Goal of Audit results (Audit Tujuan Tertentu – ATT) related to the governance and revenue optimization of the palm oil industry in 2023. The session took a hybrid format, with participants joining both in-person and online.

The event was formally opened by the Acting Head of the BPKP West Papua Province, Lepot Setyanto. During his address, he underscored the significance of advancing governance and maximizing revenue in the palm oil industry. Setyanto also urged regional government bodies, agencies, and relevant entities to take tangible actions based on the audit findings conducted by BPKP.

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“It needs commitment and seriousness from every party so that the audit result would be well implemented. We have good will to escalate palm oil industrial governance to optimally get the results for the people in West Papua and Southwest Papua,” Lepot Setyanto said as Palmoilmagazine.com quoted from the official page of BPKP, Friday (15/12/2023).

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West Papua and Southwest Papua Province lay on about 10.294.600 hectares. There are 11 palm oil plantation companies that cultivate about 65.641,60 hectares in the two provinces.

In the focus group discussion, there were issues about palm oil industrial governace in the two, such as, palm oil plantations have no permit from the government, the plantations are not the same with the published permit, and they do not fully pay tax and retribution. (T2)

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