Fatal Accident Involving Palm Oil Truck on Jalan Raya Cipatat Claims Three Lives

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Fatal Accident Involving Palm Oil Truck on Jalan Raya Cipatat Claims Three Lives. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, BANDUNG – A fatal accident occurred on Jalan Raya Cipatat, in the Regency of Bandung Barat, late on Sunday night (7/4/2024) at approximately 1:30 a.m. A truck transporting palm oil was involved in a collision with a motorcycle, resulting in three fatalities.

According to AKP Adhi Prasidya Danawiswara, Chief of Traffic at Cimahi Police, the accident occurred when the tank truck, bearing license plate number D 9568 AD and traveling from Bandung to Cianjur, lost control on a downhill section of the road. It is suspected that the driver may have encountered brake issues. As a result, the truck veered to the left and collided with a motorcycle traveling in the same direction.

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The motorbike with plate number – D 4472 ADL got severe accident while the truck was upside down. “Three victims riding the motor bike should come to an end. We are still identifying them,” Adhi said, as quoted from Detik.

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The dead man in the accident is Dede Solehudin (39) a people of Cipatat, and an adult female with a child. “We are still searching for the names,” Adhi said. The police still gathered information, witness and the truck driver to know for sure, what caused the deadly accident.

“We are still investigating the case but for this moment, it is assumed because of break issue of the truck,” he said.

The co-driver of the truck got minor injury. Adhi told the police is still identifying the victims to know if they are traveler or not. (T2)

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