Bengkalis Regency Focuses on Enhancing Palm Oil Plantation Quality and Productivity

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Bengkalis Regency Focuses on Enhancing Palm Oil Plantation Quality and Productivity. Photo by: Sawit Fest 2021 / Akbar

PALMOILMAGAZINE, BUKIT BATU – The Regency of Bengkalis is dedicated to enhancing the quality and productivity of palm oil plantations in the district. Regent of Bengkalis, through his expert staff in government, legal, and politics, Ed Effendi, emphasized this commitment during the 2024 socialization event about palm oil plantation infrastructures held at the Bukit Batu Subdistrict hall on Tuesday (June 11, 2024).

During the event, Ed Effendi highlighted that the Bengkalis Regency government, through the Plantation Agency, aims to inform smallholders about opportunities to accelerate the development of their palm oil plantations.

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Bengkalis Regency boasts extensive palm oil plantations. According to 2023 plantation statistics, these plantations cover approximately 336,732.72 hectares, accounting for 88.72% of the total plantation area. The number of smallholder families stands at 99,929, representing 67.76% of all planters across the regency’s subdistricts.

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Ed Effendi also pointed out a significant opportunity for smallholders: leveraging plantation infrastructures funded by the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) under the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture Number 19 / 2023.

“This would be the big chance for every planter in Negeri Junjungan to take advantages according to available procedures,” Ed said, as quoted from the official page of Regency of Bengkalis, Wednesday (12/6/2024).

The plantation infrastructures that could be taken for advantages are smallholders replanting program to escalate the production and productivity. It is hoped to maximize the planters’ income and welfare. In the same chance, the regent also urged head of Plantation Agency Regency of Bengkalis and other related parties to monitor and develop the program because it would be one thing that would determine the success of palm oil plantation business and economic development in Indonesia in a whole.

Head of Plantation Agency Regency of Bengkalis, Azmir in his speech also hoped that every smallholder would get the big chance to get plantation infrastructure helps. “Let us develop good communication and coordination. We would be ready to lay a hand according to every available procedure and regulation,” Azmir said.

In the same chance, Head of Sub district of Bukit Batu, Acil Asyno said about the program from Regent Kasmarni especially in plantation sector, which was, labor insurance namely for palm oil plantation workers. “We delivered and socialized to many heads of villages to get data. This is the care of our regent to guarantee the work safety of every worker in palm oil plantations in this regency,” Acil said. (T2)

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