Central Kalimantan Police Intensify Security Measures to Combat Palm Oil Theft

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Central Kalimantan Police Intensify Security Measures to Combat Palm Oil Theft. Photo by: Palmoilmagazine.com

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – The Central Kalimantan Police Department and a task force on social conflict have ramped up security efforts in the province’s palm oil plantations to prevent fresh fruit bunch (FFB) theft. They conduct regular patrols and engage in active local socialization efforts.

Irjen. Pol. Djoko Poerwanto, Chief of the Central Kalimantan Police Department, reported a significant decrease in FFB theft cases since these measures were implemented. Both entities have conducted field visits to educate and interact with the local community.

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“We continue to urge people not to engage in FFB theft and to maintain a peaceful environment,” Djoko Poerwanto stated during a public discussion in Jakarta, as reported by Palmoilmagazine.com citing Antara, on Monday (24/6/2024).

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Besides having patrol, the two actively socialized the Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 18/2021 about Fasilitasi Pembangunan Kebun Masyarakat (FPKM). This is about to deliver understanding for the people not to mistinerpret the regulation that could raise polemic in the society.

But, Djoko acknowledged, the difficult social, economic condition of the people sometimes for them to get the shot cut by taking advantages on information which is not socialized well.

Just like the way to prevent (FFB stealing), Central Kalimantan Police Department also secured 13 men that as the suspect in FFB stealing and the evidences in Kotawaringin Barat, Central Kalimantan Province in May 2024. To confirm the future security, 358 police persons and 86 army persons were ordered to maintain security in the regency.

Djoko emphasized, it would be significant to collaborate among the stakeholders, planters, local figures, and religious figures to create safe, comfort, and conducive environment in the province. This strategy should minimize the potential of social conflicts that could happen. (P2)

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