Palm Oil Stock Prices Rise Up to 7.14 Percent on Wednesday, June 21, 2023

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, Jakarta – Palm oil stock trading remained bullish on Wednesday, June 21, 2023. The increase in palm oil selling prices reached 7.14 percent. This increase is part of the optimism among palm oil industry players, which continues to shine.

Palm oil stock trading is driving stock investors to pursue profits with every transaction. The presence of palm oil stocks, which are always optimistic every day, provides a fresh boost for stock investors.

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Although the palm oil business still faces social conflicts and mass demonstrations, this slippery business continues to thrive, including its stock prices.

The optimism in the palm oil business still reaps benefits from the rising prices of crude palm oil (CPO) exports. This includes the increasing prices of Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) in several locations.

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Despite experiencing overall price fluctuations that are still declining, the economic crisis experienced by palm oil-importing countries actually increases the demand for CPO and its derivative products.

Based on observation, palm oil stocks remained bullish on Wednesday, June 21, 2023. Here are the Top 3 Palm Oil Stock Prices:

  1. PSGO stock or PT. Palma Serasih Tbk., rose 7.14 percent. The selling price of PSGO stock is Rp. 150 per share.
  2. CBUT stock or PT. Citra Borneo Utama Tbk., rose 3.50 percent. The stock price of CBUT is Rp. 2,070 per share.
  3. JAWA stock or PT. Jaya Agro Wattie Tbk., rose 1.32 percent. The selling price of JAWA stock is Rp. 77 per share.

In addition to the price increase of the Top 3 stocks mentioned above, four other palm oil issuers also experienced stock price increases. These include TBLA, AALI, NSSS, and SGRO stocks, each of which saw price increases below 1 percent.

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