The Innovation Chance of Yogurt from Skimmed Milk and Palm Oil

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, BOGOR – Yogurt, renowned for its multifunctional health benefits, remains economically costly in Indonesia, limiting its accessibility to only certain segments of the population.

To broaden market reach and contend with intensified competition, enhancing production efficiency and material utilization becomes imperative. This juncture calls for leveraging operational research techniques to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation.

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One proposed alternative entails producing yogurt using skimmed milk and palm oil. Previous research indicates that yogurt derived from a blend of fresh milk, skimmed milk, and sugar exhibits optimal characteristics when incorporating specific starter cultures and fermenting for an appropriate duration.

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By adopting this approach, future research should concentrate on producing yogurt from skimmed milk and palm oil, thereby potentially addressing cost concerns and widening accessibility.

As quoted from Scientific Repository IPB University, various composition of skimmed milk and palm oil in yogurt would have something to do with organoleptic characteristic, such as, the taste, smell, and texture. The assessment results showed yogurt made of skimmed milk with 9% composition and palm oil 1% would get the highest preference from the panelists. Though palm oil would influence the viscosity of yogurt, adding flavor and sugar would improve the taste and smell, and minimize palm oil natural odor.

By optimizing computer program, there was optimal result for yogurt composition, such as, skimmed milk should be 9.33%, palm oil should be 0.99%, sugar should be 5.32%, starter culture 2%, water 82.16%, and flavor 0.2%. It is hoped the combination would escalate the quality of yogurt while maintaining the efficient production.

This innovation would be potential not only to escalate accessibility of yogurt for many people but also delivering additional values for milk and palm oil industries in Indonesia. By always digging material potential locally and implementing technology in production process, Indonesia would be the main actor in yogurt industries sustainably and innovatively. (T2)

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