ERREPPI BUFFALO a Multipurpose Tractor from Italy

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Soedjatmono, General Sales & Marketing of PT Maxi Utama Energy. Photo by:

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – During the coverage of the RSPO RT2023 event, a striking sight caught the eye-the prominent sight of a multipurpose tractor unit positioned in front of the hotel lobby where the event was held.

Many people were interested in observing and even riding the tractor, while asking to take memorable photos.

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Upon further exploration, it was revealed that this distinctive tractor came from Europe, specifically Italy, under the name ERREPPI BUFFALO. The logo of the oil palm plantation company that ordered the tractor is clearly visible.

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Soedjatmono, General Sales & Marketing of PT Maxi Utama Energy explained that the ERREPPI BUFFALO Tractor is imported directly from Italy and assembled in Jakarta. It can be used for various purposes, from transporting FFB, fertilizing, spraying to transporting seedlings.

“There are two models for transporting FFB, which are the Dump Body model with a carrying capacity of 900 kg and the High Reach with a carrying capacity of 700 kg, which is being displayed at the RT2023 event is the High Reach type. In addition, it can be applied to fertilizing, spraying and transporting seeds,” said Soedjatmono to

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Soedjatmono explained that since July 2023 PT. Maxi Utama Energy was appointed as the official distributor of ERREPPI products in Indonesia replacing the previous distributor held by PT. Agrisarana Jaya Perkasa.

“In 2023 PT Maxi Utama Energy has sold almost 100 units, with most buyers from large private and state-owned oil palm plantation companies,” Soedjatmono explained.

For the price, the Dump Body model is priced around Rp 300 million and for the fertilization model is priced at Rp 360 million excluding tax and shipping. The head office of PT Maxi Utama Energy is in North Jakarta, branch offices in Surabaya and Pekanbaru, and service points in Lampung, Sampit and Balikpapan. (T3)

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