Laweyan Sustainable Palm Batik Started to be Marketed in RSPO RT2023

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Trian Widiananto (wearing glasses) and team, representative of Laweyan batik craftsman on RSPO RT2023 event. Photo by:

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Batik has been recognized worldwide as an original Indonesian product as a beautiful work, a variety of beautiful motifs that attract those who wear it. Traditional batik making is also able to attract local and foreign tourists to learn it or just try it.

One of the famous batik producers in Indonesia is Lawean Solo, Central Java, which was in attendance at the RSPO RT2023 event promoting its products. RSPO has been collaborating with Laweyan batik producers to introduce RSPO-certified palm-based batik malam or palm wax to replace petroleum paraffin.

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The sustainable concept of RSPO and the beauty of Laweyan batik attracted RT2023 participants from Indonesia and abroad who came to visit the booth to see, some even bought and immediately wore it.

“Earlier there were participants who bought and immediately wore it, because they really like batik and have used sustainable raw materials,” said Trian Widiananto, representative of Laweyan batik craftsman, when interviewed by

Trian continued, currently batik products that use CSPO raw materials are still not too many, because it only started last April the craftsmen tried palm-based batik nights and got the right formula.

Currently there are two types of Laweyan batik products, namely stamped batik and written batik using canting. Trian hopes that the collaboration with RSPO can further expand his batik market in Indonesia and abroad.

“Currently, there are already buyers from other countries who buy the batik, hopefully with the promotion with RSPO that uses sustainable palm oil-based batik malam, more and more foreign markets will be absorbed who care about natural sustainability,” Trian hoped.

Meanwhile, RSPO Indonesia Deputy Director Mahatma Windrawan said that RSPO will continue to promote CSPO and its derivatives to be absorbed by a wider market in various existing business sectors in Indonesia and abroad, one of them is by collaborating with batik craftsmen in Laweyan and providing training on the use of palm-based Batik Malam or palm wax that is RSPO certified.

“Currently, I am using Laweyan batik that has used sustainable palm-based batik malam with customized motifs,” said Windrawan, excitedly showing the batik he was wearing to (A3)

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