4 Groups in Mukomuko Get Smallholders Replanting Program

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, MUKOMUKO – Agriculture Agency District of Mukomuko, Bengkulu Province mentioned, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MEF) has published recommendation to four groups in the district to get smallholders replanting program (SRP).

They groups are KRP Masad Jaya I in Village of Lubuk Talang, KRP Tanera Sejahtera Village of Bunga Tanjung, KRP Mukomuko Village of Pasar Mukomuko, and KRP Tunas Harapan, Village of Manjuto Jaya that they had plantations about 777 hectares in 2022.

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Head of Plantation, Plantation Agency District of Mukomuko, Iwan Cahaya said that from SRP proposal that laid about 777 hectares of the groups, only 0,23 hectares are in forest regions that belong to KRP Tanera Sejahtera Village of Bunga Tanjung.

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“Palm oil plantations where they are in forest areas, should be out of SRP” he said, as quoted from Antara.

For information, MEF did verify to confirm that the proposal to get SRP should be not in forest areas.

Then, Iwan continued, the four groups should complete every documents needed and establish statement that they are willing to obey every available regulation as the groups that would get SRP. (T2)

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