Aceh Province Announced Sustainable Palm Oil Roadmap: 2200 Independent Smallholders Obtain ISPO and RSPO Certifications

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Aceh Province formally announced its sustainable palm oil roadmap during the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Conference Roundtable 2023 (RT2023) held on Wednesday (22 November 2023) in Jakarta. Photo : Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Aceh Province formally announced its sustainable palm oil roadmap during the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Conference Roundtable 2023 (RT2023) held on Wednesday (22 November 2023) in Jakarta. This roadmap stands as a crucial foundation for achieving sustainable palm oil production, preventing deforestation, and generating positive impacts for the local population. The launch was guided by Aceh Province’s commitment to a green development plan initiated in 2020.

Achmad Marzuki, Governor of Aceh Province emphasized that the launch of the sustainable palm oil roadmap serves as tangible proof of the province’s dedication to sustainable development. Through the Head of Plantation Agency in Aceh Province, the government extended an invitation for green investment, aiming not only to create new employment opportunities but also to add value to the natural resources of the province.

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The ecosystem is regarded as the final bastion for natural conservation, carrying a significant responsibility to uphold environmental sustainability.

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The formulation of the roadmap also involved collaborative participation from the government, private sector and civil organizations. Coordinator Ministry in Economy supported it as part of realizing the target nationally and delivering Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification for 1 million smallholders in 2025.

Expert Staff in Connectivity, Service Development, and Natural Resource Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Musdalifah Machmud said that the sustainable commodity production is inevitability that is unavoidable. “That is why the Government of Indonesia commits to accelerate ISPO implementation as the response the market demands that keep increasing globally,” she said.

The success of sustainable palm oil roadmap has something to do with what independent smallholders in District of Aceh Tamiang achieved. They became the model for Aceh Province in other 13 districts. By the late of 2023, District of Aceh Tamiang successfully handed over ISPO and RSPO certificates for 2200 independent smallholders from four unions and 1 independent smallholders’ group in the district.

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This reflected harmony between the certification that the Government of Indonesia published and certificate in international level – Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Advocacy process that involved many smallholders, such as, IDH Indonesia, Forum Konservasi Leuser, Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari, and private sectors would be the key to realize sustainable development in the province.

Country Director IDH Indonesia, Nassat Idris appreciated multi-collaboration to realize sustainable development vision in Aceh Province. “IDH and its partners, such as, FKL, LTKL, YEL, and the private sector develop multi-party partnership with the government to realize sustainable development vision in sustainable palm oil development roadmap. Aceh needs cooperation and long term – commitment from many parties. Sustainable palm oil roadmap would deliver frame and cooperation to realize sustainable production, protection, and inclusion,” he said.

The launching was attended by the representatives of RSPO smallholders from Aceh Tamiang, members of RSPO from private sectors, the civil, representative of Aceh Province, and districts in Aceh, European countries, and the donor countries. The launching would be the significant progress to develop sustainable palm oil in the province and should deliver the big positivity to welfare the local. (T2)

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