North Konawe Ready to Support the sustainable palm Industry

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Palm oil plantation illustration. Photo by: Sawit Fest 2021 / Hendra A Setyawan

PALMOILMAGAZINE, KONAWE UTARA – The Regency of Konawe Utara reaffirmed its dedication to bolstering the palm oil industry through a series of strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing smallholders’ welfare and promoting sustainable development.

Regent Ruksamin highlighted the implementation of strategic measures to support the smallholders replanting program and enhance palm oil plantation infrastructure. These efforts are geared towards increasing plantation productivity and improving overall harvest quality.

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Furthermore, the regency issued Circulars of Regent of Konawe Utara Number 525/1277/2022, underscoring the importance of utilizing superior and legally sourced seeds for the smallholders replanting program. This is crucial for boosting harvest yields and ensuring the sustainability of the palm oil industry within the region.

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Additionally, he emphasized the allocation of palm oil superior and legally sourced seeds through the regional budget as a tangible means of fully supporting material requirements and furthering production growth to benefit smallholders’ welfare.

The regency did decide fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price as the effort to regulate and maintain price stability in the smallholders’ level. “This is important to encourage smallholders’ welfare and confirm sustainable palm oil industries,” he said in a Dialog Multipihak Sawit Berkelanjutan in Konawe Utara that attended by the early of March 2024.

The last is that Konawe Utara is formulating Rencana Aksi Daerah Pembangunan Kelapa Sawit Berkelanjutan to be the guidelines to implement sustainable policies and programs, and would focus on productivity enhancement, smallholders’ welfare, and environmental conservation.

By these, Regency of Konawe Utara hoped to create more conducive environment to develop sustainable palm oil industries and maximally deliver advantages for the local. (T2)

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