Exploring Malaysia Top Five Regions as CPO Producers

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Renowned for its significant contribution to the global market, Malaysia stands as one of the largest producers of crude palm oil (CPO) worldwide. With an impressive annual production of 19 million tons, Malaysia commands a substantial 24% share of the total CPO production globally, making it the second-largest producer after Indonesia.

Which states or regions that produce CPO in Malaysia? As Palmoilmagazine.com quoted from United States Department of Agriculture, at least, there are five CPO producers in Malaysia.

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The first, Sabah. It is the biggest CPO producer that has markets 24%. Sabah is supported by the good geographic condition to develop palm oil.

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The second, Sarawak. Its market reached 21% and contributes to CPO production. Serawak has good supporting climate and wide plantations to develop palm oil.

The third, Pahang. It is one significant producer in Malaysia that has markets 16%. Pahang has also wide palm oil plantations and positively contributes to CPO production in the country.

The fourth, Johor. The province has market about 16%, good agroecology to develop productive and profitable palm oil plantations.

The fifth, Perak. Though the markets in Perak are smaller than those in other regions, the province plays important roles in palm oil production that reached 10%. Perak also contributes to palm oil production in the country.

From the regions, Malaysia could maintain its position as one main CPO producer in the world.

Palm oil industries in Malaysia significantly contribute to the revenue, create employment, and fulfill the demands on palm oil in the world. To implement sustainable and environmental palm oil cultivation, Malaysia also has implemented Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO). (T2)

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