Walhi Responded Astra Agro Verification about Palm Oil Plantation Conflict

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Palmoilmagazine.com, DONGGALA – Wahana Lingkungan Hidup (Walhi), an environmental organization, has issued a response to the information presented by PT. Astra Agro Lestari Tbk., as published by InfoSAWIT.

Uli Arta Siagaian, the Campaign Manager for Plantation and Forest at Walhi, stated that both Walhi and the Friends of the Earth (FOE) network will consistently assert that the process of investigating the substances conducted by Astra Agro and its consultant lacks qualification and raises concerns. Walhi has not reached a final conclusion regarding the terminology or investigative framework that has been employed thus far.

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Boru Siagian told, Astra Agro should not simplify every complaint that the people told. The company should not only appoint third party to verify the people’s problems. She also emphasized the people’s complaint is openly published in many reports by Walhi and FOE. “We are sorry that Astra Agro never shows good will to solve the case in public,” she said to Palmoilmagazine.com, Sunday, (4/6/2023).

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She continued, Walhi is as environment campaigner in palm oil supply chain to the globe that is why the organization could not cooperate with Astra Agro and Eco Nusantara as third party appointed by Astra Agro. “We do not directly involve in Astra Agro or other parties that may get profits from the business,” Boru Siagian said.

Walhi and FOE wondered the solution approach that Astra Agro has been running by involving verification from the people. She thought, what the people are facing runs for too long and Astra Agro tolerates it. She also mentioned, social and environmental conflicts in the society raised because Astra Agro tolerated it that caused environmental damages and intimidation to environment and human rights campaigners.

“Astra Agro must be responsible on the environment damages from Sungai Lariang pollution and crime to environment and human rights campaigners,” Siagian said.

She also told it is not about to re-verify why many buyers did not purchase Astra Agro’s products. She thought, the more important thing is about to return the people’s rights and recover the damages in the society and in the environment.

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