Ministry of Labor’s Plan: Eradicating Child Labor from Palm Oil Industry in 16 Provinces

Doc. Ministry of Labor / Minister of Labor, Ida Fauziyah, PEKANBARU – In Pekanbaru, Riau Province, the Ministry of Labor, represented by Ida Fauziyah, has developed a plan to eliminate child labor from the palm oil plantation sector. This initiative will encompass 16 provinces in Indonesia that have palm oil plantations spanning over 100,000 hectares, as reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics in 2021.

During her speech, Ida Fauziyah emphasized the significance of the palm oil industry for the national economy. She highlighted that the industry provides employment opportunities for individuals from various socioeconomic backgrounds, making it a vital sector for inclusive economic growth.

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“With the condition, palm oil is a very influencing sector and it is risky to get child labor. It might happen,” she told online.

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Minister Ida also told, it needs to get integrated plans and notice the best things for the children to solve child labor in palm oil industries.

It is not easy to vanish child labor in palm oil sector. It would need long process and sustainability from many parties both the central, regional government, labors’ unions, stakeholders, and non-government/civil organization to deal with child labor.

“It means it is significant to reinforce collaboration among stakeholders to encourage the vision of Indonesia – Free from Child Labor,” Minister Ida Fauziyah said, as in the official statement to , Tuesday (13/6/2023).

Besides, in the moment of The World Against Child Labor – day on every 12 June, she took every party to formulate the strategic programs to accelerate the practices of child labor. (T2)

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