Empowering the Next Generation as Ambassadors – Embracing the Benefits of Palm Oil for Indonesia

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, BEKASI –  The agricultural sector in Indonesia has traditionally held significant importance in the country’s economy, serving as a primary source of food and energy. With proper management, particularly in the palm oil industry as a strategic commodity, this sector has the potential for further growth and development.

However, there is a lack of understanding about palm oil among many individuals. Unfortunately, misconceptions prevail, with some perceiving palm oil as environmentally destructive and having negative impacts.

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Chairman of Forum Pemuda Sawit Indonesia, Hendro Kartiko said he is sad for many black campaigns about palm oil. Hendro told, this could happen for the lack of information about the good values of palm oil.

“That is why to fight black campaigns about palm oil, we need structural, systematic, and massive movements and action that young generations could initiate,” he said in car free day area, Jakarta at Jalan Santai Bersama Generasi Sawit Baik Untuk Indonesia, Jakarta, Sunday (18/6/203).

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By informing the benefits from palm oil, it could be the way to answer the challenges globally. “We defend palm oil. I think, there is no better commodity than palm oil. It has many advantages, such as, source of health, beauty, food, renewable energy that the globe notices,” he said, as in the official statement to Palmoilmagazine.com, Wednesday (21/6/2023).

He also mentioned, palm oil is the most productive of other vegetable oil plantations. It has zero waste.

He continued young generations have the big potential to be the positive agent campaigner that would be effectively encouraging social change. The young generations can encourage positive campaigns about palm oil, such as, actively delivering input and systematic perspective about the sustainable palm oil policies.

“Not only that, they can contribute in information dissemination about the positive of palm oil, playing active roles to encourage products in palm oil – base in Indonesia. Let us fight the myths by revealing the facts,” Hendro said. (T2)

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