Amirudin Rauf, Former Regent of Buol : Palm Oil Not Yet Deliver Advantage in the Buol Region

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – H. Amirudin Rauf, who served as the Regent of Buol for two periods (2012 – 2017 and 2017 – 2022), expressed his concerns about the lack of benefits brought by big palm oil plantation companies in the region.

According to him, the presence of these companies resulted in more losses than advantages, ultimately leading to inherited poverty for future generations. He emphasized that the responsibility of managing natural resources lies with the country, which should act as a mediator for the people’s welfare rather than allowing the exploitation of resources for short-term gains. This statement was made in an official communication to on Monday, July 17, 2023.

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It is time for the villagers of Buol to get their rights. He also suggested, every party both the regional government and Legislators of Buol should struggle for their fate. The regional government should allocate enough fund to get the case done to serve justice for the villagers. This would be running well if the government also supports it. There is no use to deliver area permit to be substituted as big plantations.

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“I think the areas should be delivered for the people, not big plantations. Do not publish recommendation to big plantations for there would be disaster and inheriting poverty. Keep the land of Buol. It is for the villagers of Buol,” he said. (T2)

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