Indonesian Legislators Urge Government to Address Conflict in Seruyan

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – The confrontation between law enforcement personnel and residents within the palm oil plantations of PT Hamparan Masawit Bangun Persada (HMBP) in the Seruyan District of Central Kalimantan Province has raised concerns among some members of Commission IV of the Indonesian Legislature.

The incident occurred as the villagers were peacefully protesting to secure their rightful share of plasma from the company, which had obtained permits to operate in the area.

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On Saturday, July 10th, during the demonstration, one villager tragically lost their life, and two others sustained critical injuries due to police gunfire. Daniel Johan, a member of Commission IV of the Indonesian Legislature, strongly condemned the incident and called upon law enforcement officers to uphold professionalism in their duties, respect human rights, and exercise restraint to prevent excessive use of force.

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“The villagers have their rights to get justice and rights fulfilled particularly about 20 percent plasma program from the company that got business rights. This issue needs solution fast by related instances. The central government should deal with it to end the conflict which happens for years,” he said, as quoted from the official page of Indonesian Legislators, Monday (16/10/2023).

He thought, the conflict happens because PT HMBP does not realize its obligation to the people. This is a loss for the villagers. He also told that the government should make sure that the companies that got area advantage permits should obey the available regulations, particularly it the regulations relate to the local’s rights.

“Revoke its business rights if the company does not realize plasma development and other regulations. The government should pay attention to what people claimed for. Do not let the company get its own profits but the villagers get losses,” he said.

He also mentioned that it needs to get whole investigation about the violence by police officers because the police should be humanity in demonstration action. that is why he urged the company and the government to obey sustainability principles and understand the corporate social responsibility for the villagers.

He also hoped that the conflict solution would end what people of Seruyan suffered for and would create sustainably solution that prioritizes the people’s interests. He and others are committed to make sure that what the people struggle for would be realized in every level of society, with no exception. (T2)

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