Millennial Palm Oil Enthusiasts Participate in “Sedikit-Sedikit Sawit” Workshop to Enhance Their Knowledge

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, MEDAN – Amidst the growing focus on the palm oil industry, a spirited initiative has emerged. Named “Sedikit-Sedikit Sawit,” this innovative workshop unfolded at the Pendopo of the Indonesian Palm Oil Technology Institute (ITSI).

Many millennial students exhibited curiosity, drawn by the theme “Pembuatan Sabun Cair dan Padat Berbasis Sawit” (Production of Liquid and Solid Soap Based on Palm Oil), which was led by Asmaul Habib Hasibuan, the founder of Millennial Sawit Indonesia (MISI).

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This workshop was the result of a collaboration between MISI, the Islamic Student Association (Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam, HMI) Komisariat Persiapan ITSI, with strong support from the Student Associations of the ITSI Department of Agricultural Technology (HMJ Protan ITSI), the Department of Agribusiness (HMJ Agribisnis ITSI), the Department of Chemical Engineering (HMJ Teknik Kimia ITSI), Archery Stipap (HMJ Archery Stipap), GEMAS ITSI, the Palm Oil Student Association (Persatuan Mahasiswa Sawit, Persma) SIGMA ITSI, and the Nusantara Dormitory of ITSI.

United by a common purpose, they successfully organized the workshop with the aim of educating the younger generation about the opportunities in both the upstream and downstream sectors of the palm oil industry.

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“Sedikit-Sedikit Sawit” successfully delivered 44 young generations’ interests with full of spirit. Asmaul Habib Hasibuan said that they were from many backgrounds, including the students of ITSI and individuals that wanted to dig more about palm oil industrial potential. “What to appreciate is that the workshop ran free of charge. This was the same spirit with collaborative educational spirit,” Hasibuan said, as in the official statement to, Tuesday (17/10/2023).

He also mentioned that the participants got the rare chances to know and understand more about how liquid and solid soaps were produced from palm oil materials.

It did not discuss about making soaps only. The participants got deeper understanding about the impacts of palm oil industries for the environment and economy. They were taken to consider what their roles are to maintain the industries sustainable and create innovation from palm oil derivative products.

One significant moment in the workshop was the discussion that Indonesia faces challenges in managing palm oil upstream and downstream sectors. Though Indonesia is the king of palm oil producer in the world, there are issues to be solved to optimize every potential. The participants were reminded that the millennial generations should play important roles to solve every gap. They are the agents of future changes that would deliver positive impacts in these industries.

More than making a soap, “Sedikit-Sedikit Sawit” would be reflection of spirit and innovation that young generations of Indonesia would carry on in sustainable development. “In the enthusiastic situation, the participants also brought their own produced – soaps to be the symbol from their contribution to maintain the future of palm oil industries in Indonesia,” Hasibuan said. (T2)

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