Transforming Former Mining Areas into Indigofera and Palm Oil Plantations

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Palm oil plantation. Photo by: Sawit Fest 2021 / Innaya Zahra Chusnul Chotimah

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – In a positive effort to benefit the environment, approximately 200 hectares of former mining areas belonging to PT Simbiosis Karya Agroindustri (SISKA), a subsidiary of the Buana Karya Bhakti Group, have been transformed into productive green spaces.

Of the total area, around 100 hectares of former mining sites have been converted into Indigofera plantations, while the remaining land has been utilized for palm oil plantations. This reclamation initiative serves as tangible proof that abandoned areas can be revitalized into valuable assets that contribute to environmental sustainability.

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The transformation of these areas took approximately two years to complete. The initial phase involved the filling of mining holes, followed by specialized treatment that included spreading empty bunches and fertilizing with cow dung-derived fertilizers. Continuous monitoring ensured the successful growth of grass, marking crucial milestones in the reclamation process.

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Ranch Manager PT Buana Karya Bhakti, Wahyu Darsono said, it involved cows to step on and flat the areas. The process was about to get denser areas and ready for the next phase. As the output, the abandoned and broken areas have been successfully changed.

It was carefully considered to plant palm oil in some parts of the former mining areas because palm oil is the main commodity, the location of the areas is next to the high way. These were some considerations to develop palm oil. Some areas now turn to be Indigofera plantations the support to get additional woof for cow breeding.

For your information, the areas are parts of PT Simbiosis Karya Agroindustri that also cultivates about 6.000 hectares (plasma and main plantations). Besides palm oil, the company also breeds cows within about 2.000 cows. (T2)

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