Ministry of Agriculture Enhances Human Resource Capacity through Palm Oil Plantation Infrastructure and Development

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Ministry of Agriculture through General Directorate of Plantation conducted technical development about palm oil plantation infrastructures. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, BOGOR – The General Directorate of Plantation of Ministry of Agriculture, initiated technical development of palm oil plantation infrastructure to expedite program proposals aligned with Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran Sulaiman’s directives aimed at boosting palm oil production and productivity.

The program focuses on enhancing palm oil plantation production, productivity, value addition, and quality. It includes support for extensification, intensification, post-harvest equipment, processing units, plantation management practices, water management, transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery, market infrastructure, and Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification processes. These efforts are intended to improve governance of smallholders’ plantations.

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Andi Nur Alam Syah, General Director of Plantation at the Ministry of Agriculture, emphasized the importance of supporting palm oil plantation development, particularly among smallholders. He called for collaborative efforts across all stakeholders to participate in the palm oil infrastructure program aimed at increasing production and productivity.

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Meanwhile, Director of Palm Oil Plant and Various Palm, Ardi Praptono said that the program would be the way to develop synergy between the central and regional governments, and to escalate the verifiers’ skill to escalate verification quality to propose infrastructure programs. These would support the acceleration to achieve the infrastructure program and get input to formulate the commitment from many parties.

“Until now, palm oil plantation infrastructures have 141 task forces. To accelerate infrastructure program, we conducted technical development in two phases. The first one was conducted on 20 – 22 June 2024 by inviting eight task forces in the provinces and 62 task forces from many regencies. Today on 27 June to 29 June 2024, we conduct the second phase by inviting 12 task forces in the provinces and 59 ones from the regencies,” Ardi said, as quoted from the official page of General Directorate of Plantation, Thursday (4/7/2024).

Ardi also took every party that involved in the program to be commited and escalate palm oil plantation production and productivity which eventually would escalate the planters’ welfare.

“Hopefully, what we did would be supported by everyone to massively deliver advantages for many people, namely the planters nationally,” Ardi hoped. (T2)

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