Ministry of Agriculture’s Initiative to Enhance Plantation Seed Availability through Partnership

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Ministry of Agriculture Conducted Plantation Seed Partnership to escalate seed availability. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, BOGOR – In late June 2024, the Ministry of Agriculture, through the General Directorate of Plantation, organized a partnership for plantation seeds in Bogor. The objective was to increase seed availability by leveraging the advantages of seed sources and nurseries more efficiently.

The event was attended by representatives from unit pelaksana teknis dinas (UPTD) of plantation seeds, seed producer associations, and prospective partners. During the meeting, they agreed to enhance nursery effectiveness, which would be supported by the National Budget.

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Chairman of Perkumpulan Penangkar Benih Tanaman Perkebunan Indonesia, Badaruddin Sabang Puang said, the institution would be committed and ready to manage seed source plantation that the government would be developing. “To be advantaged and producing qualified seed material for the people,” he said, as quoted from the official page of the General Directorate of Plantation, Wednesday (3/7/2024).

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Director in duty of Plantation Seeds, Hendratmojo Bagus Hudoro said the government would always encourage to get partnership between the private sectors and implement the option to take advantage on seed assets.

“From many experiences in Balai Benih Produksi Jawa Tengah, cultivating and managing two seed sources of plantations, such as, the main plantation – vanilla and the seed plantation – sugarcane, would be able to deliver regional revenue up to Rp 2 billion. Nevertheless, until now many UPTD of seed producers should be encouraged and optimized to escalate their awareness that it would be significant to develop seed sources of plantations,” Bagus said.

He also suggested, every UPTD that faced issue in nursery and plantation cultivation should cooperation with the breeders.

In the event, the conclusion was the nursery and assets that Balai Besar Perbenihan dan Proteksi Tanaman Perkebunan (BBP2TP) has hade would be independently managed. Seed products and laboratory test service in DNA and plant tissue would be in charged. This would deliver non-tax revenue that it would be used to manage others and would not be burden in the national budget. While UPT in Ministry of Agriculture that could deliver non-tax revenue more than Rp 15 billion in every year setiap would be proposed to be public service obligation and the management would be independent.

In the event, PT Wita Argo Mas and Koperasi Produsen Tani Hejo Ngemploh signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) as the start to get partnership to develop vanilla plantation by planting superior seeds from seed producer.

The partnership is hoped to raise export-oriented vanilla plantations. The planting of superior and qualified seed would be the main key to get the goal.

“It is hoped by having kinds of partnership and institutional development, there would be seed sources of plantation and nursery that would be as the center of seed development. This eventually would increase accessibility for the people to get qualified seed materials,” Bagus said. (T2)

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