Empowering Smallholders for ISPO Certification in the Sekadau District

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Doc. Palmoilmagazine.com / Aron, the Regent of Sekadau, explained that the District of Sekadau has enacted various regulations to facilitate ISPO implementation.

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Undoubtedly, the progress of ISPO implementation among smallholders heavily relies on the support of regional governments. Without such support, the expansion of ISPO certification would not occur as rapidly as it has in the District of Sekadau, located in West Kalimantan Province.

The palm oil plantations cultivated by smallholders in this district cover approximately 48,235 hectares, serving 25,517 families. The collaboration among producers has resulted in 132 units, with 111 of them actively engaged in the process, while plasma cooperation involves 96 units.

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Aron, the Regent of Sekadau, explained that the District of Sekadau has enacted various regulations to facilitate ISPO implementation. These regulations encompass aspects such as the trade of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) and encourage smallholders to join planters’ institutions to establish partnerships with plantation companies. These measures are guided by the Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 1/2018 and Governor’s Regulation Number 63/2018.

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Then, the regulation that planters should have ISPO certificate through planters’ institutions as regulated in President’s Regulation Number 44 / 2020 and Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 38 / 2020. The district is in cooperation with non-government organizations and stakeholders to escalate planters or cooperation members’ capability to implement every ISPO certification process,

Aron said, there were trainings, workshops for institutions, socialization to accelerate Cultivation Documents, workshops about good agricultural practices, and planting superior seeds.

District of Sekadau in 2022 distributed 30 thousand superior seeds for smallholders free. “We target that this year, we would distribute 70 thousand superior seeds for the independent smallholders,” Aron said.

The district also encouraged the smallholders to get environmental cultivation by not doing any activity in high conservation values, not damaging forests, and not planting palm oil in forest regions. “We do pay attention to this sector for delivering economy for Sekadau. (*)

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