Bumitama Agri Ltd Listed in Fortune Southeast Asia 500

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Bumitama Agri's palm oil mill. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Bumitama Agri Ltd (Bumitama), a palm oil producer listed on SGX and operating in Indonesia, achieved notable recognition by being included in the Fortune Southeast Asia 500 (Fortune SEA 500). This list identifies the 500 largest companies in Southeast Asia based on their net profits and income for the fiscal year 2023.

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Bumitama Agri secured the 270th rank based on income and the 175th rank based on net profits among the 500 companies listed in Fortune SEA 500. These achievements underscore its strong financial performance, with income reaching US$ 1.014.3 million and net profits amounting to US$ 160.9 million for the fiscal year.

“In Fortune SEA 500 that was recently launched, Bumitama was in the 25th rank in food production industries based on the income, and the 9th rank based on net profits of 49 companies registered in the index,” the official information from Bumitama Agri mentioned as what Palmoilmagazine.com got, Wednesday (26/6/2024).

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Fortune Southeast Asia 500 covered many companies from seven countries in Southeast Asia, such as, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippine, and Cambodia. The lists also meant the fast, increasing economic progress in the region and significant roles of such companies to encourage the economy regionally.

Bumitama Agri itself emphasized its commitment to reinforce its position as leader in these industries by having innovation, efficient operation, and sustainable agricultural practices. The achievement in Fortune SEA 500 reflected not only the financial success but also the sustainable strategies to escalate profitability and value for the shareholders.

“Bumitama would keep reinforcing its position as the leader in the industries by having innovation, efficient operation, and sustainable agricultural practices to support the welfare of environment and the people,” the official information noted.

For the trade gets more competitive, the extreme weather challenges in the late days, the presence of Bumitama in the list emphasized the company’s hardiness in uncertain trade dynamic. This would reinforce the images of Bumitama as one actor in the industries by having strong focus to welfare the environment and the people. (T2)

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