Sulawesi Environmental Enforcement Transfers Natural Sanctuary Destruction Suspects to East Luwu Attorney

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Illustration of Palm oil plantation. Photo by: Sawit Fest 2021 / Yayan Saputra

PALMOILMAGAZINE, MAKASSAR – The investigators from the Environmental and Forestry Protection and Law Enforcement Center for the Sulawesi Region (Balai Gakkum KLHK Wilayah Sulawesi) have transferred the suspects involved in the destruction of the Faruhumpenai Natural Sanctuary to the public prosecutors of East Luwu Attorney. Suspects IL (49) and ED (43) were handed over for further investigation after their pre-trial motions were denied by the Malili Court.

The case originated from a report by Balai Besar KSDA South Sulawesi, which discovered new palm oil plantations encroaching on the Faruhumpenai Natural Sanctuary. In response, Balai Gakkum KLHK Sulawesi conducted an operation, seizing one excavator and a chainsaw. IL and ED were identified as the suspects responsible for the on-site activities.

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Further investigation revealed that FS (45) was the financier who rented the excavator, while IW and RB were identified as the prospective palm oil plantation owners. FS’s case files have been handed over to the South Sulawesi Attorney, and he is currently detained at the South Sulawesi Police Department. IW and RB are currently wanted, as they failed to respond to the investigators’ summons.

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In the pre=trial in Malili Court, the Judge, Ardy Dwi Cahyono, S.H., sentenced that IL and ED were the suspects by the investigators of Balai Gakkum KLHK and had been the same with the available procedures. In his sentences, the judge claimed, the exception of the suspects could not be accepted buy rejected the pre-trial in a whole.

Head of Balai Gakkum KLHK Wilayah Sulawesi, Aswin Bangun appreciated the parties that supported to deal with the case, such, South Sulawesi Police Department, The Attorney, The Army, and BBKSDA South Sulawesi. “We do hope the sentence would deliver deterrent effect for every suspect. We would develop the case to find out other suspects in damaging Natural Sanctuary Faruhumpenai,” he said, as in the official statement to, Wednesday (5/6/2024).

Head of Balai Besar KSDA South Sulawesi, Jusman thanked for the case. “As the institution being in charge around Natural Sanctuary Faruhumpenai, we would be always in synergy with legal enforcement of KLHK, the Army and Police, regional governments, and the villagers to maintain the forests and conservation areas good in South Sulawesi,” he said.

Aswin Bangun emphasized the institution is committed to maintain the natural conservation and protect the rights of villagers. “We have conducted 2.130 operations to secure the environment and forests and handed over 1.529 environmental and forestry cases to the court. We are serious to maintain the environment good for the next generations,” he emphasized. (T2)

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