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Doc. / Ahmad Syukur, Head of Sembuluh II Village in the Subdistrict of Danau Sembuluh, District of Seruyan

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Leading a village in remote areas presents numerous challenges, including low education levels and limited income opportunities. However, Ahmad Syukur (37), Head of Sembuluh II Village in the Subdistrict of Danau Sembuluh, District of Seruyan, recognizes palm oil as a valuable solution that deserves recognition.

Despite his relatively young age, Ahmad Syukur has dedicated himself to serving his community as a village official since 2017, ultimately deciding to assume the role of village head. Precisely in 2014, he was directly elected as Head of Sembuluh II Village. This is the second period he becomes the leader in the village.

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Ahmad Syukur thought palm oil is one solution to escalate the villagers’ economy. Based on his calculation the villagers’ increasing income could be up to 60%. “Palm oil should be the solution,” he said to, February 2023 in Village of Sembuluh II.

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He continued palm oil was firstly planted in the village in 2016. One company even offered to be plasma smallholders in the village.

“In 2016 PT Kerry Sawit Indonesia started operating. Then others did too. The villagers got increasing income,” Ahmad Syukur who does not want to join one political party, said.

He knew that palm oil plantations could become the modal to increase education and quality of the villagers of Sembuluh II, and even the religion quality of the society.

“Many got impacts from plasma partnership with the company. The people’s economy escalates, the education level does too. Our villagers even could get education to undergraduate level,” he said. (T2)

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