Exceeding Targets: Palm Oil Biodiesel Utilization Reaches 12.2 Million Kl in 2023

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Palm Oil Biodiesel Utilization Reaches 12.2 Million Kl in 2023. Photo by: Palmoilmagazine

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) has announced a positive milestone in the New Renewable Energy and Energy Conversion (NREEC) sub-sector for the year 2023. This achievement underscores Indonesia’s strong commitment to realizing a transition to sustainable and clean energy sources.

Jisman P. Hutajulu, the General Director in charge of NREEC, highlighted the government’s focused efforts to enhance and leverage NREEC for the creation of a clean and sustainable environment. This strategic approach is a response to the imperative of reducing dependence on fossil energy and upholding environmental conservation.

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Hutajulu pointed out that the achievement in the utilization of palm oil biodiesel for domestic consumption reached 12.2 million kiloliters (Kl) in 2023, surpassing the target of 10.65 million Kl by 114.5%. This significant accomplishment reflects Indonesia’s strides toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape.

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The government actively did diversification in vegetable fuel by taking advantages on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) bio aviation turbine (Bioavtur) J2.4, bioethanol market test, and implementing specification and regulation for bioethanol gasoline that would be for domestic markets.

“The increasing biodiesel utilization would be crucial to realize energy security nationally and reduce green-house gas emission,” Hutajulu said in a press conference about the performance of NREEC in the midst of January 2024.

Not only that, the government has implemented co-firing program in 43 steam power plants of the total targets – 42 locations in 2023. The program involved biomass mixture, such as, sawdust, palm oil shell, and waste with coal as the fuel for steam power plants. This positively contributed to reduce the negative impacts for the environment from the steam power plants operational.

The positive achievement means that Indonesia is on the right tract to realize energy transition. By the strong commitment and concrete action, it is hoped Indonesia would actively play its roles to maintain sustainable environment and create the sustainable future energy. (T2)

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