Villagers Clashed with PT BJAP

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Doc. Palmoilmagazine / Screenshot / On Thursday, (6/7/2023) hundred villagers demonstrated in the company’s palm oil plantations.

PALMOILMAGAZINE, SERUYAN – For the villagers demanded plasma program to PT Bangun Jaya Alam Permai (BJAP) in Sub district of Seruyan Tengah, District of Seruyan, they had to protest the company.

On Thursday, (6/7/2023) hundred villagers demonstrated in the company’s palm oil plantations. From amateur video that saw, the villagers were having peaceful demonstration but in the end, anarchy could not be avoidable.

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They clashed with police officers that secured the demonstration. Some villagers brought knives. Not only that tens of the company’s vehicles were broken by the villagers including the police cars.

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It is assumed, the operational car of police chief of Seruyan was damaged. The office of PT BJAP was broken in and out. There is no official information how the clash happened but it is assumed it started from the misunderstanding between the legal officers and the people.

One unnamed source said, the action was the accumulation of the villagers for they never got plasma program because since the company operated until now, three plantations of the company, PT BJAP 1, PT BJAP 2 and PT BJAP 3 did not get partnership (plasma program).

The villagers where PT BJAP operates are extremely poor. The source of InfoSAWIT, said, he is working to get census in the region. Many families are in malnutrition for being hard to live there.

Luckily, Soegianto Sabran as the governor, the electricity gets installed, the paths started got wider and asphalt though they are not less than 5 kilometers. “But the villagers in remote areas were relief in Kalimantan,” he said.

He admitted if it depends on the government to welfare the villagers, it would take some time. It needs the companies’ support to welfare the villagers around.

“The villagers are seldom to get university level. There are not high schools in some villages. There is regulation not fire the forest to plant paddy. They live from the nature. They fired forest once a year. Now they are in jail, nothing to get, particularly plasma,” he said. (T2)

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