South Sumatera Quarantine Reviews Palm Kernel Exports for Export to New Zealand

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South Sumatera Quarantine Reviews Palm Kernel Exports for Export to New Zealand. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, OKI – The Plant, Fish, and Animal Quarantine Agency of South Sumatera (South Sumatera Quarantine) conducted an assessment of the Instalasi Karantina Tumbuhan (IKT) for palm kernel expeller (PKE) destined for export to New Zealand.

This assessment took place from June 3 to 4, 2024, in the Regency of Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI), South Sumatera Province. The IKT is a facility required by importers to verify product quality.

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“Every phytosanitary condition from the destination country should be thoroughly prepared and qualified by the exporter. South Sumatera Quarantine encourages, develops, and accelerates the process to meet every condition,” said Kostan Manalu, Head of South Sumatera Quarantine, during an official press conference on Saturday, June 8, 2024.

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He also mentioned that many countries are interested in the animal feed commodity, including the Netherlands, China, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. From 2022 to 2024, South Sumatera exported about 369,000 tons of PKE. In 2022, the province exported approximately 157,000 tons, which increased to 169,000 tons in 2023. As of May 2024, South Sumatera has exported 41,000 tons of palm oil waste products.

PKE is chocolate powder, deriving from palm kernel, which is, seed or endosperm (shell protector) and embryo (kernel). Manalu thought, PKE would be very good for animal woof because it has many kinds of component that animals need of, such as, rough protein, rough fat, rough fiber, calcium, phosphor, and others.

“IKT would assess some documents and technical terms and conditions in the field that should be complete and qualifying them in the goal countries,” Manalu added, as quoted from Suarapublik.

Badan Karantina Indonesia as the competent authority to qualify sanitary and phytosanitary terms and conditions would keep developing every exporter to qualify the terms and conditions. Manalu thought, this would be the same with what Head of Badan Karantina Indonesia, Sahat M Panggabean said so that every quarantine office should help and encourage the exporters and micro, small, and medium business (MSMB) to qualify the quarantine terms and conditions from the goal countries which means to help escalate the economy in the regions and get more exchange for this country.

“We are always open, proactive, and together with every exporter, and MSMB both that have been operating and just started their business to encourage and qualify the terms and condition,” Manalu said. (T2)

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