Palm Oil Stock Prices Rise by Up to 2.88 Percent on Tuesday, August 1, 2023

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PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Palm oil stock prices in Tuesday’s stock trading on August 1, 2023, continue to experience an increase in selling prices, with a rise of up to 2.88 percent. Several palm oil stocks are still seeing price increases.

Here are the top 5 palm oil stock prices in Tuesday’s stock trading, August 1, 2023:

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  1. PSGO stock or PT. Palma Serasih Tbk., rose by 2.88 percent. The PSGO stock price reached Rp. 143 per share.
  2. CSRA stock or PT. Cisadane Sawit Raya Tbk., rose by 2.41 percent. The CSRA stock price reached Rp. 510 per share.
  3. PALM stock or PT. Provident Investasi Bersama Tbk., rose by 0.83 percent. The PALM stock price reached Rp. 610 per share.
  4. UNSP stock or PT. Bakrie Sumatera Plantations Tbk., rose by 0.83 percent. The UNSP stock price reached Rp. 122 per share.
  5. MGRO stock or PT. Mahkota Group Tbk., rose by 0.74 percent. The MGRO stock price reached Rp. 685 per share.

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Today’s (August 1) stock price increases also show a contradiction, as the selling prices of crude palm oil (CPO) have decreased in the global market.

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