FFB Price in West Kalimantan during the First Period of May 2024: Highest Rp 2,622.60

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Transportation of palm oil fresh fruit bunches. Photo by: Sawit Fest 2021 / Diyon Nofri

PALMOILMAGAZINE, PONTIANAK – As per the report from the Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) Team of West Kalimantan Province for the initial period of May 2024 (pertaining to FFB price payments from 1st to 7th May 2024), the price of 10 to 20-year old FFB stands at Rp 2,622.60/kg.

Here’s a breakdown of FFB prices in West Kalimantan Province sourced from Livestock and Plantation Agency, as reported by Palmoilmagazine.com:

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  • 3-year-old FFB: Rp 1,957.19/kg
  • 4-year-old FFB: Rp 2,095.60/kg
  • 5-year-old FFB: Rp 2,241.46/kg
  • 6-year-old FFB: Rp 2,311.84/kg
  • 7-year-old FFB: Rp 2,395.20/kg
  • 8-year-old FFB: Rp 2,472.14/kg
  • 9-year-old FFB: Rp 2,514.58/kg
  • 10-20 year old FFB: Rp 2,622.60/kg
  • 21-year-old FFB: Rp 2,574.73/kg
  • 22-year-old FFB: Rp 2,562.50/kg
  • 23-year-old FFB: Rp 2,499.25/kg
  • 24-year-old FFB: Rp 2,412.41/kg
  • 25-year-old FFB: Rp 2,330.94/kg

Additionally, the prices for crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel (kernel) are reported as Rp 11,830.14/kg and Rp 6,957.33/kg, respectively, with a K index of 90.62%. (T2)

Disclaimer: These prices reflect FFB price lists as determined by local agencies and could be different  from spot prices.

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