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PALMOILMAGAZINE JAWA, SOLO – Palm oil batik is a sustainable heritage because as old – day heritage, batik is produced for generations in a family. In its history, batik culture derived from our ancestor which has been known since the 17th century.

At one moment, batik motive was dominated by forms of animals and plants. But it develops and substituted by motives that are similar with cloud or temple reliefs.

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Quoting from Batik Indonesia book, written by Jusri and Mawarzi Idris in 2012, K.R.T Hardjonagoro or known as Go Tik Swan was taken as the inventor of batik in Indonesia. The artist of Surakarta was the first one that enlivened classic and modern batik in Indonesia.

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At the time, in the era of President Soekarno, Go Tik Swan involved in a policy that President Soekarno published to make batik industries go forward nationally.

He had significant roles to determine colors and motives of modern batik, and also delivered examples of classic batik motive that described unique interpretation.

For example, Sidoluhur, Sidomukti, and the bases shown by leaves ornament or flower in agrarian countries. His batik was often worn in ritual ceremony in Keraton Solo, such as, nyamping and others.

The old batik era that developed to be modern batik in President Soekarno era, is now sustainable when urgency about warming issue, environment damage, and deforestation in the world occurs.

By implementing best and sustainable practices, palm oil plantation cultivation can give the solution, which is, sustainable palm oil. It is palm oil which derived from sustainably process based on sustainable principles and criteria.

Having crude palm oil (CPO) as the material which is sustainable, it can be processed to be malam batik, as sustainable downstream product. By using sustainable malam batik, old day – batik that becomes modern one, could be developing to be sustainable batik.

Batik as old day – cultural heritage can develop to be sustainable batik jaman now. The motives can be various like in palm oil trees.

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