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PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – Apart from geographic and environmental factors, it needs to get consideration about social aspect in palm oil development assessment. In this case it is important to understand social-economic condition of (a) regions that would get the direct impact of palm oil plantation development. The assessment should involve the local people, their income, sources of living, and their dependence on available natural resources.

The support of local people would be he significant factor to consider. If they do not support or protest it, this would have something to do with palm oil development project and could raise social conflicts. That is why having dialogue and consultation with the local people to get inputs and the same understanding would be very important.

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It also needs to select the right seeds. This becomes one key factors to asses palm oil plantation development. Qualified seeds would directly deliver impacts to plantation productivity. It also needs to consider some factors, such as, durability to disease, adjustment to environment, productivity, and other terms and conditions in cultivation.

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As quoted from palm oil plantation practitioner blog of Arie Malangyudo, palm oil plantation development assessment should cover realistic assumption and projection. These cover production estimation, income, operational costs, and others that would have something to do with the project development successfully. Historic data use, market analysis, and scientific study would help to get more accurate assumption and more realistic projection.

Project management is the next factor in palm oil plantation development assessment. It has to get good plan(s), efficient cultivation, and detail supervision to get the result hoped. It is important to decide and hire competent management team, close supervision, and regular evaluation to make sure the project would be successful.

In general, it is important to get regular or phase by phase assessment on every factor that involved in area investigation and preparation to palm oil plantation development. These cover location, area adjustment, social aspects, seed selection, assumption, projection, and project management. Having the assessment carefully would get sustainable palm oil development plan and implementation, respect every available social, economic, and environment aspect.

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