Indonesia Palm Oil Exports in October 2023 Increased 11.4 Percent

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Indonesia Palm Oil Exports in October 2023 Increased 11.4 Percent. Photo by:

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – The Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) has reported a notable 11.4% increase in total exports for October 2023, reaching 3.00 million tons compared to 2.69 million tons in September.

The most substantial rise occurred in oleochemicals, surging by 21.9% from 333 thousand tons in September to 406 thousand tons in October. Additionally, exports of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) products experienced a 12.4% boost, rising from 1.96 million tons in September to 2.21 million tons in October.

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Specifically, CPO exports also saw a significant uptick, increasing by 13.3% from 233 thousand tons in September to 264 thousand tons in October. However, Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) and its related products witnessed a decline of 17.4%, decreasing from 138 thousand tons in September to 114 thousand tons in October.

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“The final October 2023 stock reached 2,87 million tons or lower than it in September that reached 3,10 million tons,” Executive Director of IPOA, Mukti Sardjono said, , as in the official statement to, Tuesday (19/12/2023). (T2)

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