Smallholder Arrested for Clearing One Hectare for Palm Oil Development in Rohil

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JMS was suspected to burn one hectare - area to develop palm oil in Rohil. Photo by: Special

PALMOILMAGAZINE, ROHIL – The police apprehended a 31-year-old man in Kampung Aman Kepenghuluan Sungai Bakau, located in the Subdistrict of Sinaboi, within the Regency of Rokan Hilir (Rohil). Identified as a smallholder, he had set fire to one hectare of land for the purpose of developing a palm oil plantation.

According to, quoting the Media Center Riau, Rohil Police Chief AKBP Andrian Pramudianto stated that the suspect likely ignited the fire along Jalan Kampung Aman Sungai Bakau in the Subdistrict of Sinaboi on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, around noon. The hotspots were monitored by the Dashboard Lancang Kuning of the Riau Police Department, pinpointed at coordinates 2.192429,100.945734.

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Following this, Sinaboi Police Chief AKP Juliandi instructed his officers to investigate the hotspot and discovered approximately one hectare of burnt area emitting smoke. Many villagers indicated that the land belonged to JMS. Upon meeting with JMS, the police confirmed his ownership and his admission of burning the area using dry leaves, branches, and a gas lighter.

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According to the police, JMS said that the area wanted to be developed into palm oil plantation but he should cancel his goal for being arrested in the police station for the further investigation.

The police secured evidences, such as, three burnt branches and one gas lighter. The area is now surrounded by police line.

The suspect would be charged by Chapter 78 article (4) juncto (Jo) Chapter 50 article (2) letter b and Chapter 36 Laws Number 6 / 2023 about Government’s Regulation in Lieu of Laws Number 2 / 2022 about Cipta Kerja to be Laws.

The suspect would be also charged by Chapter 108 Jo Chapter 69 paragraph (1) letter a Jo Chapter 98 article (1) or Chapter 99 article 10 Laws Number 32 / 2009 about Environment Protection or Cultivation. (T2)

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