Palm Oil Exports Accounted for 33.72% of Total Exports in January 2024

Palm Oil Exports Accounted for 33.72% of Total Exports in January 2024. Doc. Palmoilmagazine

PALMOILMAGAZINE, JAKARTA – The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) released reports indicating a notable rise in agricultural exports from Indonesia in January 2024. The data revealed a 5.32% increase in agricultural exports compared to the previous month (Month-to-Month/M-to-M), and a 0.11% increase compared to the same period last year (Year-on-Year/Y-on-Y).

Palm oil emerged as the primary commodity driving the surge in January 2024 exports, significantly contributing to Indonesia’s revenue, accounting for approximately 33.72%. This achievement stands out amidst declining performances in other non-oil and gas sectors.

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Amalia Widyasanti, the CBS head, attributed the growth in agricultural exports to various factors, including the robust performance of palm oil products and swallow nests. Conversely, other sectors experienced a decline, with industries decreasing by 4.13% and mining sectors by about 23.93% compared to the previous month.

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Non-oil and gas in January 2024 exports from Indonesia totally reached US$ 19,13 billion, agricultural sectors significantly contributed about US$ 374 million.

Head of Public Relation and Information Ministry of Agriculture, Kuntoro Boga Andri told that agriculture is the strategic sector nationally that positively keeps contributing in export and economy.

“Agriculture is the mainstay sector to reinforce the economy in the nation. That is why the government keeps increasing, reinforcing the production and downstream sectors nationally,” he said. (T2)

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